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The benefits of natural lighting

Published time:2022-06-09 Page View:214

1, improve work efficiency

Daylighting top can make natural light abound dynamic change, shot into the room through glass, give people open, lightsome feeling. Due to the impact of natural light on people's vision, aesthetics, photobiology and other aspects, people's demand for natural light is everywhere, which is why people like to work in a larger window, more daylighting, which is conducive to improve work efficiency and promote the development of productivity.

2. Enrich the indoor light environment

Artificial lighting can replace natural light, its volatility, particle performance showed light texture, with other light source incomparable expressive force, through the transmission, reflection and refraction characteristics, such as used in the environmental design, not only enhance the interior space of the people and objects visibility, create light and shadow can highlight stereo feeling of people and objects. With the change of time and weather, the intensity and direction of light will also change. Architects can use the properties of natural light to create a good daylighting effect.

3, adjust people's mood

Studies show that natural light can provide a good environment for consumption. Natural light has the effect of inhibiting the production of melatonin in the human body. In a suitable light environment, it can stimulate the physiological cycle system of the human body, so that the physiological cycle of the human body becomes synchronized with the outdoor light. When the light is low at night, people become sleepy. There is not enough light during the day, and changes in duration may cause physical discomfort and mood swings. In architectural art, sunlight is introduced into the interior of the building and distributed according to the original design method, changing the intensity, color and vision of light, which can create a more healthy and exciting indoor environment than artificial light, broaden the vision and relax the nerves.

4, is conducive to energy saving

Artificial light often consumes a lot of energy, which not only increases the maintenance cost of buildings, but also aggravates environmental pollution. Natural light source from the sun, huge energy, a continuous flow of light energy to the earth, no cost, high efficiency. From the point of view of energy saving, cost and environmental protection, natural lighting comes naturally.


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