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The choice and advantage of solid wood door!

Published time:2022-06-09 Page View:765


1, solid wood door hardness and luster is very good, belongs to the class of products. As long as it is wood will have a little formaldehyde, and solid wood is the least formaldehyde wood products. Moreover, it has the advantages of moth-proof, dirt resistance, moisture-proof and crack resistance, and is very durable.

2, solid wood door texture is clear, visually let a person feel very natural and comfortable, decorative art is very strong. It is also very good for home decoration.

3, solid wood door material is also very much, mahogany, ash, teak, white oak, etc., can choose different materials according to different design styles. Also can choose style according to different use area.

The heavier the weight, the weight of solid wood is more sufficient, so don't forget to weigh it when choosing.

5, look at the flatness, see if the surface of the wood is foaming, touch the wooden door surface is not flat enough, the joint is even and small.

6, but the price of wooden doors is relatively high, so in the overall decoration budget to plan well in advance, and wooden doors are sensitive to humidity and temperature changes, like the climate of Beijing, in fact, it is not quite suitable for the use of solid wooden doors.

7, film compacted wood door can not be called the real real wood door, it uses imitation solid wood structure, which is mainly made of density board, cheap, easy modeling, generally used in the kitchen and guest rooms these places.