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Learn about sliding doors you don't know about!

Published time:2022-06-09 Page View:205

1. Energy saving

In winter, sliding doors can prevent the loss of heat in the home, have the effect of insulation; In summer, sliding door can play the role of heat insulation, at the same time to prevent the loss of air conditioning, air conditioning refrigeration effect is better, but also save electricity, so sliding door is also an energy-saving magic device.

2. Block your view

Sliding door is qualitative according to its qualitative diaphaneity difference, have the effect of different degree keep out the line of sight. Different functional area is opposite the requirement of visibility is different, the problem that considers daylighting even when dividing big space into small space through partition, to daylighting the reading area with higher requirement can use sliding door with good pervious to light. The division and the limitation of local space.

3. Separate space

Sliding door no matter its style has how old difference, have the effect of dimensional limitation and space without exception. Of delimit degree strong or weak criterion but according to the size of sliding door, material pledges, style, color and decide. Opaque, dark color, hard sliding door material, with strong separation strength, to the space with clear boundaries, this sliding door is suitable for high height of the wide space between; The size is not big, the material is light and thin, the sliding door with good permeability is limited to the space is low, the space interface is not very clear, but it can be separated and continuous on the space division, so that the space maintains a good fluidity, the level is more rich. This sliding door is suitable for all kinds of empty rooms.

4. Increase spatial elasticity

Will sliding door basis use requirement, structural form, adornment style, start at any time or mobile, the space also subsequently or cent or close, greaten or decrescent, more flexible and changeless along with subjective intention.

5. Enhance privacy

In contemporary bedroom life, the space such as wei yu, bedroom no longer resembles before in that way, surround by fixed all around brick wall close and become. In the design of individuation, between the wei yu of transparent glass often see not fresh. To take care of the illicit close sex of life, the entrance of these areas can be assumed by the sliding door that moves block action.