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The Spring Festival before the decoration, these household knowledge to understand, next year's construction can less step on "pit"

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There are no perfect finishes, just upgraded potholes. A lot of people because the end of the year to get the house, at the same time the usual work and do not have time, so will choose at the end of the year to determine the house decoration. At this point, just about to the Spring Festival, so the choice will be decorated early things determined, after the formal construction began. Facing the situation that this kind decorates for, be decorating when deciding and after year construction phase is about to come to understand these household knowledge, professional words. To this end, I summed up some typical examples to help you "lightning". And these home furnishing knowledge, if can't do to understand, decoration is belongs to the "destroyed house" construction, can also be said to be most families directly step on the pit, for these problems, small make up also give advice, to help you step on the pit less!

Decorate means cent is 3 kinds: clear bag, half bag, complete bag

To the new house room decoration, the natural clear way of decoration, because of different ways, as the owner of the thing is completely different, and the cost is different.

Bag cleaning: if you have relatives and friends who can do decoration to do the construction of a project, then bag cleaning is a better way to choose the decoration, because bag cleaning is to find their master to do things, materials to buy by themselves, so many things are easy to control, but it takes a certain amount of energy and time.

Half package: if the new house decoration does not have the time and energy to run around the clock, then you need to choose the decoration company. And for the decoration company, half package is the choice of many people, because half package repair is only responsible for the basic decoration and basic materials and accessories, the main material by their own choice, so that it can be used in materials at ease, and the cost will be relatively cheaper.

All inclusive: if there is only a little time to busy decoration, then the choice of decoration company's all inclusive is a good choice, because the decoration company will be responsible for all things. And for the whole package, the whole package is divided into "daqo package" ‍ and "small package" ‍ two, "Daqo package" is all the hard and soft package to the decoration company, after completion of ventilation, carry the bag can be, also known as "the whole package"; "Small complete package" ‍ is all the hard decoration company is responsible for, part of the main material and soft decoration by the decoration company, other by the owner to buy.

To sum up:

It takes a lot of trouble in the early stage and construction, but most people think this way is the most economical.

Full package front save worry, behind worry, most people think this way the most cost money;

Half pack belongs to between both, more fair, this also is majority person chooses to give bridal chamber decorate means.

The promise should be written into the contract

If the new house decoration will eventually choose to be responsible for the decoration company, then in talking about the plan, talk about the budget, whether it is a designer or part of the company responsible person, or even the company's boss promised beyond the budget, to write in the contract, this is the key, is able to avoid a lot of late "pit". Because be in reality, a lot of decorate company early stage to promote sign sheet, promise to give ark of small condole of ark of small condole to wait a moment like beautiful seam of open land cleaning, ceramic tile privately namely to the client, the price is probably in 1000 and 800, and still say to wait until construction progress arrived, can arrange. But when it comes to construction, the project manager doesn't know about these things, and money can be paid to do them, and promises can be simply denied if they are verbally agreed upon. In the face of such a "pit" decoration, be sure to do all written in the contract, even if the budget does not, you can also sign the contract by hand, so that the later can avoid a lot of trouble.

Water and electricity location to be present

When the house is decorated, no matter how busy you are, you must personally go to the water and electricity location, and you must not do "shake hands", because this directly affects the later use. When positioning water and electricity, let the water electrician draw the position on the wall, and then feel it according to the use habits of the family. If there is any inappropriate adjustment on the spot, so that the position of water and electricity is positioned well, and the later use is the most convenient. At the same time, we should suggest that no matter what kind of decoration is used, after the water and electricity is done, we should give the water pipe pressure, and at the same time, we should do a good job of "photo preservation" for the water and electricity, so that when the main material is installed in the later period, we do not have to worry about the water and electricity pipe will be hit, and it is convenient for the maintenance in the future.

Waterproof construction is very important

House decoration, waterproof is a direct impact on their own life and neighborhood important construction projects. For waterproof construction, it is recommended to use "wall rigid soft" material collocation, so as to ensure that waterproof materials play a better effect. At the same time, we should pay attention to doing waterproof, to do the wall part first, and then lay wall tiles, until the wall brick paving is finished, the threshold stone paving is good, and then use waterproof to do all around the ground and threshold stone, so that we can avoid the phenomenon of wet wall at the door of the toilet.

The most important point is that toilet waterproof to make closed water test, at the same time for not sunken toilet, there is no need to make dark floor drain, because dark floor drain is not good, but will let the toilet leak.

Toilet decorates material waterproof the most important

As a result of quality of life rises now, design requirement also is to rise ceaselessly, new-style adornment material also appears ceaselessly. Faced with this phenomenon, designers are bold to use new waterproof materials to replace the conventional tile and integrated ceiling, but also better looking, but also does not affect the use. If you do not understand this, but also feel that this is very beautiful, so it is to fall into the "pit", because the new material is not bad, but to treat very carefully. For most people, such a new material in use, will bring a lot of trouble, such as the ceiling does not use integrated ceiling, into waterproof gypsum board to do; Wall without ceramic tile, change waterproof material to do.

Suggest here, toilet is "bright water" use area, ceramic tile is better waterproof material, integrated condole top also belongs to better condole top waterproof material, conventional material also is better material, new material is not suitable for everyone.

Bathroom dry and wet separation set double slope and double floor drain

When house decoration, toilet is very important, after all, this is the "clear water" use area, so it is recommended to do dry and wet separation design, this is also the current fashion, and can really play a great role. After toilet makes dry wet separation, a lot of people put the key in wet area, always think shower position has done well, actually this is wrong. To make the toilet dry and wet area at the same time do a good job of the ground slope, at the same time are reserved for the floor drain, so that both dry and wet areas can do wortless drainage.

Don't look down on the floor drain in the dry and wet area, and each do the slope of this small construction details, because it can make life more comfortable, do not good life every day upset, because to sweep water every day, at the same time, it is recommended that the floor drain use deodorant type, so that the toilet does not smell, drainage is convenient.

The toilet should be silenced

I believe that living in the community, we all know that the sound insulation of the house is not good, especially when you sleep every night, you can hear the sound of the upstairs toilet flushing toilet, especially affecting sleep. Facing this thing, improvement can be accomplished completely when decorating, and processing also does not take trouble, this is to sewer pipeline to do mute processing. As long as the mute processing, you can obviously feel the noise reduced a lot. Although said to the sewer pipeline to make mute processing, can not do 100 percent mute, but much better than the big noise before. Here to suggest that the toilet pipe to do silent processing, but only do horizontal, vertical do not do, because vertical if done there is no way to minimize the package pipe.

Simplification of ceiling

House decoration, ceiling is most people will choose to do, because through the ceiling can increase the sense of layering and beauty. But for the modelling that supports to condole, the proposal does not do complication, simple modelling is good-looking not only, also can accomplish to increase administrative levels feeling and aesthetic feeling likewise, the most important is to still can let dimensional feeling is better, won't have cramped feeling. Here is the recommendation to do a straight line to walk side ceiling, so simple and good-looking, if you want to minimalist wind, then do not match gypsum line. If you want to do simple wind, you can make "cable ceiling", beautiful and simple, full of beauty.

Wardrobe with transparent glass doors

When decorating now custom-made chest is more and more popular, and cupboard door also becomes glass door gradually by traditional door plank, can reflect a personality so dyed-in-stone, still having very good style. When chest just installs finish, feel such vitreous cupboard door, especially good-looking, also have class. But when the clothes are put in, it's not so nice, because from the outside you can see the clothes in the wardrobe, the whole look very messy. Especially at present more popular long rainbow glass door, can see messy chest interior from outside at a draught, too affect beautiful.

However, this kind of full glass door, in daily use will also leave fingerprints, cleaning up is also very troublesome, secondly is really very affect the visual effect. Go up in the choice of cupboard door so, can choose ground arenaceous design, have already pervious to light sex, can keep out chest interior messy again, the most important is ground arenaceous glass also leaves handprint not easily.

For the Spring Festival before the decoration, after the beginning of the construction, many small decoration decisions, seemingly pediatric, but before doing careful, learn more, more practice, so that you can avoid a lot of trouble, regret, rework. Our company can customize all kinds of doors and Windows, I hope today's content to bring you help, if you have other questions, please call.