Jintun village, hongqi town, bayuquan, yingkou, liaoning, China


Sliding door series

Product introduction

1. Door frame and door fan are 45° spliced, connected by aluminum alloy corner code.Strong and durable;

2. The door is equipped with EPDM strip sealing and anti-collision, with excellent aging resistance performance;

3. Heavy push door, waterproof, windproof, heat insulation, a large number of energy-saving heating and refrigeration costs;

4. Hollow double-layer 5mm tempered glass is equipped with smooth aluminum partition, with molecular desiccant, to prevent the glass from starting from fog and mildew;

5. Manual magnetic control louver can be added according to the requirements.

German-made hardware system, wider frame design, domineering full door fan can be added with improved opening, landing lock and positioning, rotating hand can be easily realized.