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Plastic steel doors and Windows series

Product introduction

Compared with aluminum alloy and steel doors and Windows, plastic steel doors and Windows have more superior technical characteristics in energy saving and improving indoor thermal environment. Heat transfer coefficient of double glass plastic window is about 25W/m2K, the sound insulation performance of plastic window can reach above 30 db. The plastic profile material material is even, the surface is bright and clean, does not need to carry on the surface special treatment, easy to process, easy to cut, after the welding processing the finished product length, the width and the diagonal tolerance can be controlled within 2mm in addition to the welding craft, in the ting can also screw assembly, enhances the window mechanical performance. With the aluminous window that achieves same performance, wooden window steel window is compared, the price of window of model steel door is more economic material benefit. With excellent physical and chemical properties, it can be widely used in windy, rainy, hot, cold and other harsh environments.