Jintun village, hongqi town, bayuquan, yingkou, liaoning, China


Liaoning zhongtai door and window technology co., LTD. Is a new backbone enterprise of liaoning zhongtai group. It is located in binhai industrial park of yingkou economic and technological development zone, with a total area of 100,000 square meters. Transportation is convenient, such as bayuquan new port and yingkou old port, and yingkou airport. Near bear town. Liaodong peninsula is the economic gold zone.

Zhongtai group is a large enterprise group in the development zone and yingkou area. The total area of 2,200 acres, 1,000 employees, subordinate to more than a dozen entity enterprises. The total investment is 1 billion yuan. The total registered capital is RMB 437.36 million yuan, including 50 million yuan of zhongtai industrial group co., ltd. and 50 employees. Yingkou economic and technological development zone zhongtai aluminum co., LTD., with a registered capital of 60 million yuan and 240 employees; Yingkou xiongyue dongjiao botanical garden industrial co., LTD., covering an area of 400 mu, registered capital of 115 million yuan, 50 employees; Yingkou yijiangnan hot spring valley resort has a registered capital of 10 million yuan and 400 employees. Yingkou fangda real estate co., ltd. has a registered capital of 28.86 million yuan and 15 employees. Yingkou zhongtai real estate development co., ltd. has a registered capital of 20 million yuan and 10 employees. Yingkou yijiangnan physical examination and recuperation center has a registered capital of 20 million yuan and 40 employees. Yingkou xiong yue hot spring city industrial co., ltd. has a registered capital of 50 million yuan and 120 employees. Yingkou zhongtai doors and Windows technology co., LTD., registered capital of 5 million yuan, 200 employees, yingkou economic and technological development zone zhongtai aluminum overseas (Cambodia) investment registered capital of 500,000 dollars, the total investment of 1 million dollars, 20 employees; Yijiangnan agricultural development co., LTD. (yijiangnan agricultural theme park), covering an area of 1,200 mu, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan, yijiangnan seafood co., LTD., with a registered capital of 60 million yuan and 5 employees; Yijiangnan international travel service co., LTD., registered capital 5 million yuan, 5 employees, zhongtai logistics equipment technology co., LTD., registered capital 10 million yuan.    

Zhongtai group has strong strength, complete industry categories, strong management force and good social reputation. Aluminum doors and Windows for many years is the provincial and municipal product quality and product trustworthy unit, yi jiangnan hot spring valley holiday hotel is the first five-star spa hotel, jintang prize spa in China, China top ten hotel, hot spring tourism association executive vice President of units, in liaoning yingkou city hot spring tourism association unit, the provincial leadership inspection guide agricultural theme park. The enterprises operate well, pay attention to social benefits, and develop healthily with strong strength.   

Aluminum doors and Windows is in Thailand started enterprises, 25 years of history, after the construction of aluminum companies, as a major workshop. In recent years, on the new aluminum wood synthesis production line, wood grain aluminum and other production lines. Aluminum wood composite doors and Windows use r & d patent production, product quality. Our products are sold to many provinces and cities in north China and some regions in south China. Recently the research and development of multi-layer insulation high-grade aluminum wood composite doors and Windows and curtain walls, the market prospects are very good. Since August last year, the company has set up an overseas production plant in Cambodia. At present, it is doing well in operation and expanding its production scale and market. On the basis of the construction of liaoning door technology co., LTD., China and Thailand to zhongtai group aluminum as powerful production base, economic and technical support and product raw materials, product quality raw materials, scientific processing, timber forest timber companies sourcing from the north, most of the imports from countries such as Russia, doors and Windows processing and strong technical force, the existing technicians more than 20 people, with high technical expertise and years of production experience, from parts processing, spraying, synthesis, composition, finished product, packaging, forming scientific production system and process.   

The product science and technology content is high, is at present the domestic and foreign hot sale product vanguard product and the upscale product. Broken bridge Windows and doors for the mechanical type three cavity structure, equipped with PA66 insulation, isothermal surface is set in a row, insulation filling cavity, cavity fluid sealant, continuous glass perimeter seal, wind resistance and 9, watertight performance is 6, 8 airtight performance, insulation performance is 9, separated by nature to 5, 4 lighting performance, coefficient of thermal conductivity Uw below 2.4 w/K ㎡. After the establishment of the new enterprise, the company has a reasonable organizational structure, capable personnel, advanced management philosophy, advanced production products and technologies aiming at the advanced doors and Windows at home and abroad, active market development, scientific and effective management, and a reasonable and strict system. The new workshop is 6,000 square meters, spacious, bright and clean. Integrate original workshop and production process. It has semi-automatic production line, forming modern production line and intensive production, and plans to build the largest production enterprise of doors and Windows in northeast China. It provides doors and Windows for domestic and foreign high-end buildings, and can extend services and organize installation.    

Burgeoning liaoning zhongtai door window science and technology limited company, if chaoyang, be in flourish development, foreground is bright.